About Us

Amphora Medical, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a privately held bladder fulguration company developing minimally invasive products to restore the quality of life of people suffering from bladder dysfunction syndromes. Founded in 2011, Amphora Medical is currently working on a novel cystoscopic device that has the potential to improve bladder function and quality of life for people with Overactive Bladder Syndrome (OAB).


* Team includes Consultants


Tom Ressemann

President and CEO

Eboo Versi, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Michele Shepard

Vice President, Clinical Affairs

Kevin Klitz

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Gail Daubert

Reimbursement and Health Economics

Leota Pearson

Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Tom Ressemann

President and CEO

Ketan Patel, M.D.


Nicole Walker

Baird Capital

Chris Owens

Independent Director

Marc Galletti

Longitude Capital Partners

Thomas Thaler

HBM Healthcare Investments